Bantam Holistic Hub

One Venue, Multiple Movement Modalities

The Place

The Holistic Hub

The Bantam Holistic Hub is located in the heart of Blairgowrie – just north of the Delta Park and south of the Conrad Drive arterial route and is a space established for those in the healing arts. The purpose of the Hub is two-fold: to provide a healthy holding environment for a diverse range of wellness practitioners and to create a space where people looking to practice can have access to a wide-range of the healing arts. We believe in the power of community and collaboration.

The Hub provides health and wellness practitioners with an open studio; a mirror-free, soft-floored, sound-proofed and no-shoed space in which to do their work.


Space for booking slots at Bantam Holistic Hub is now fully booked for 2020


What We Offer

Movement Space

Our 8x18m sprung floor is ideal for those needing an open space for movement or large group work

Therapy Spaces

These are smaller rooms that are ideal for modalities such as massage, reflexology, etc.

Like Minded Community

Whether you’re a practitioner or an attendee, we think you’ll feel right at home at Bantam Holistic Hub.

We'd love to hear from you!

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Studio Space

22 Bantam Drive

Blairgowrie, Randburg



M-F: 6am – 9pm
S-S: As per Calendar